Your copy of microsoft office professional plus 2013 cannot be activated because free download

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Your copy of microsoft office professional plus 2013 cannot be activated because free download

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This all happened in June All of the sudden, the user is prompted with a window informing her that the activation has failed and is asking for a product key. Ok — no problem. I’ll just re-enter the same product key that I originally used. I was successfully able to enter the product key and go through the online rigamarole in making sure everything is happy.

Thought I was done — hours later today Same window prompting that the license key is invalid. Good news! After spending two hours on the phone with Microsoft, they were finally able to figure out what happened and how to resolve this issue. When you opened up any of the Office suite products such as Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. This was an indication to MS that there were some “junk files” their words left behind after attempting to uninstall the office suite.

The representative said that there were also some keys in the registry that were left behind for them to clean up as well. After MS cleaned up the registry and the installation directory, they proceeded with a fresh install.

We learn something new every day I typically do and glad that this nightmare is over with. Thank you everyone for your help! With some previous versions of Office, I had to run one of the programs I usually picked Word as admin for the activation to stick.

Unfortunately, that did not seem to work. Soon after, I opened Outlook and the window immediately came back. I can get to step 3 in that how-to before I start having issues. Thank you both for your help, I will keep everyone posted! The phone activation process is a pain in the butt, to say the least, but it does work eventually.

I just did an activation in isolation from my network, as the new Sophos UTM is extremely good at blocking anything not explicitly allowed.

The prompt I get for failed activation includes the option to activate via telephone; if you go into a file excel and click the File tab, then Account, you should see the “Activation Required” where your account info should be. That’s the start of the charade. We have the same problem with Office We install the software on one machine, make an image of it’s hard drive onto new computers during the process of setting them up, Office comes up “need to be activated”.

Should be simple, right? Enter one of the unused product codes we’ve bought from a distributor over time we’ve bought at least 50 license keys. Are you sure there is only one copy of office installed?

A lot of new computers come with a trial version of Office and if you leave it installed and then install another copy this normally happens. I’ve had a couple occurances where a copy wouldn’t activate over the Internet and instead had to use the telephone route, generally if I’ve had to activate a series of copies in a row. I forget the number that I’ve used in the past it comes up whenever I have to reactivate anything, and I haven’t had to do that in a few days , but have you tried these ‘s?

I keep the “Fixit Kit” Office uninstaller in the same folder as the keys file on my software distribution server. SOP is for whomever is installing on an OEM not reimaged machine to run that first, so you just justified a hoop I make my people jump through. Many new PC’s tend to come with an unlicensed trial copy which we automatically uninstall – we then install our own licensed version and activate with the key as per Sean above.

Perhaps that is what was hanging around? To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

Anyone else using MS and having this same issue? Edited Jul 22, at UTC. Microsoft Office Home and Business Best Answer. R3b00t Jul 22, at UTC. View this “Best Answer” in the replies below ».

Popular Topics in Microsoft Office. Which of the following retains the information it’s storing when the system power is turned off?

Submit ». Aaron Jul 20, at UTC. Check out this thread and comments. A couple different things to try. R3b00t Jul 20, at UTC. Sean Alvis, Unfortunately, that did not seem to work. Aaron, I can get to step 3 in that how-to before I start having issues. Edited Jul 21, at UTC. Ghost Chili. Brianinca This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Do you happen to have the telephone number that I could call for activation?

Maybe I can try that while I’m working on other things. Thai Pepper. Chad This person is a verified professional. R3b00t Jul 21, at UTC. Chad wrote: Are you sure there is only one copy of office installed?

I built the computer myself using all brand new parts. No software came pre-loaded on the new SSD. How did you activate them? Lee H wrote: How did you activate them? Activation was done online when you are asked to create a MS account. I have looked and looked and do not see a telephone number anywhere.

So if someone could please tell me what that number is or point me in the right direction, I would love to try and activate this over the phone. Aaron wrote: Check out this thread and comments. I noticed the two different versions mentioned in your screenshot. I do agree that many new pc’s come with pre-loaded software. However in this case, that did not apply. The reason I say that is because we purchased each part brand new and I built it here in our shop.

The SSD had nothing on it what so ever. I installed a fresh copy of Win 7 x64 along with office. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Read these next



Microsoft Office Professional Plus product activation failure – Microsoft Community

I bought a new laptop yesterday and installed Office, but I can’t activate it. It says the key has already been “activated the maximum number of. Resolution. To resolve this issue, reinstall Office from the Office website or from another media. To download and reinstall Office from the.


Your product key has been activated the maximum number of times? – Microsoft Community


Check your firewall. Check your antivirus software. Check your proxy settings. If these settings aren’t correct, Office activation might fail. Follow the steps below for your operating system. Select Set time automatically and, if shown, Set time zone automatically.

If you don’t have the option to set the time zone automatically, make sure your local time zone is shown in Time zone. If the date or time is wrong, select Change date and time and correct the date and time settings.

If the time zone is wrong, select Change time zone and select your local time zone. Tip: In Windows 7, you can synchronize your computer clock with an Internet time server to keep the computer clock up to date.

To do this, select the date or time in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, and then select Change date and time settings. Select the Internet Time tab, select Change settings , select Synchronize with an Internet time server , and then select Update now.

Running Office as administrator helps fix permission issues that might cause Office activation to fail. Type an application name, like Word. The Word program icon appears in the search results. In Windows 8. In Windows 8, move your mouse to the upper-right corner of your screen to open the charms bar, and then select the Search icon.

In the Search programs and files box, type an application name, like Word. The latest Office updates might contain fixes to activation issues. To learn how to update Office, see Install Office updates. If you’re using a firewall from another manufacturer, visit the manufacturer’s website for information about how to temporarily disable the firewall.

For Windows Firewall, please see below. Please go to Turn Windows Firewall on or off. For information about how to turn off your antivirus software, check your antivirus manufacturer’s website. Uninstalling your antivirus software may also help.

Don’t forget to reinstall it after Office is finished installing and if you turned it off, be sure to turn it on again. If you’re not sure which antivirus software you have, use the following instructions to get to Control Panel to find the name of your antivirus software. Tip: Windows 10 comes with default antivirus software, Windows Defender. Slide the button to Off.

Remember to turn it On again. In Large icons or Small icons view, select Security and Maintenance , and then select the down arrow next to Security. If Windows can detect your antivirus software, it’s listed under Virus protection. Go to the Control Panel by right-clicking the Start button lower-left corner , and choosing Control Panel.

In Large icons or Small icons view, select Action Center , and then select the down arrow next to Security. If you use your device both at home and at work, try turning off the proxy settings in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer before you install Office. Click the Start button lower-left corner , and choose Settings. In Automatic proxy setup , automatically detect settings or use setup script, by sliding to On or Off.

In Manual proxy setup , you can choose to use a proxy server. Generally, it will be off and if you slide it to On , be sure to select Save. And if it was off by default before you turned it on, be sure to slide back to Off when you’ve finished using it. Click the Connections tab, and then click the LAN settings button. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

Restart your computer. Note: There might be more proxy settings that you need to bypass. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Contacting MS activation support is the only place you are going to get an exact answer.

You have to do a phone activation. When you call in, don’t reply to the initial prompts, wait until you are offered the option of talking to a live service rep. Explain the problem. They can check you license and tell you the exact reason for the error. Office Pro Plus is a very limited distribution bundle. On that basis I have a couple of questions for you. The reason I ask is that Pro Plus is often bootlegged, resold illegally to the general public, over the internet to people who do not qualify.

The volume license keys that typically are resold usually have a limited number of activations assigned to the key. Often 2 or 3. Once they are used up, you get the sort of message you saw. And, if MS figures out that the keys associated with that license have been resold they will deactivate the whole bunch.

But that gives a different error message. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 4 people found this reply helpful. I got it from the government website for students. I’m not sure where you are from but in NSW Australia we have this website for students and we have a student email.

There is a link on that website that leads to free downloads for students for Microsoft software and Adobe software. I’m not so sure if it’s legal but it’s supported by the government for all I know. The weird thing is that I installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus on my laptop last year when I first got it but then I uninstalled it and installed it on my current desktop. Suddenly they want me to activate the product again but it won’t actually let me.

Is Microsoft Office Professional Plus supposed to only last 1 year? I thought it was a lifetime I’m in another of the “colonies”, on the other side of the world, so I am not familiar with that specific method of getting Office.

In general Office is a “lifetime” license. Since Pro Plus is a limited distribution bundle it often has use limits. Generally, you can only use it as long as you meet the specific qualification limit for that offering. It sounds like the Office Education free offer. Students at participating schools are given a “free” copy of Office How long they can use it, I have not seen any specific information, presumably while they are still students there. I know that Office University, a similar offering, is only valid while you are at the educational institute, and that MS periodically checks some undefined source and blocks user access when they “no longer qualify”.

Maybe you have encountered a similar issue, your permission to access it has “expired”. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Daniel, Thank you for replying to my post! You asked me to reply to a couple of questions: 1 Do you any trial version of Office suite installed on your computer? No, I don’t have any trial version. Previously, I looked to uninstall anything other than the original. There was only one copy in there. Microsoft Office Professional I changed my internet connection 2 months ago. I am not sure what Office Suite is, first of all. If it’s the same as the Microsoft Office Professional that I have on my system, then I activated it 19 months ago when I purchased the software from Best Buy as an extra when buying my computer.

The control panel shows Microsoft Office Professional I bought the computer. Then I added Home and Student Edition as an extra. In that case, I was given a card with the Product Key on it.

After downloading the product, I entered the Product Key. That was 19 months ago. Suddenly I am having a problem. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 4 people found this reply helpful.

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