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Microsoft word 2013 cheat sheet free


Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Hard to find cheat sheets like this.

Well worth the price to have on hand. Get the whole series for a product. Really nice placemat too. Stong lamination. Available for all versions of word. One person found this helpful. Contains all of the information that you will ever need. Cliff notes of MS Office I am visual so having something to refer to when you get stuck work great for me.

Just what I needed. I have several and they are a great quick reference. Paid off in time saved My Go-To for answers. Paid off in time saved. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. This card was a great help when I changed jobs and was required to use Office much more extensively than I had in my personal life. The reference sheet was very helpful with useful information but not overly in depth.

It answered many wimple questions so I did not have to bother my co-workers. Sometimes the on-line help is not overly helpful. You work on a file locally, save it locally and from there it syncs to your cloud-based OneDrive account. That cloud-based account then syncs the files to any other devices on which you have OneDrive installed.

So when you save a file to your local OneDrive folder, it ends up syncing to them all. When you make changes to documents this way, it also syncs to any devices on which OneDrive is installed.

Using OneDrive with Word is straightforward. So you can create folders, subfolders and so on underneath it, and those will get saved locally and to OneDrive in the cloud as well.

Open files as you would any other, by heading to the folder. That’s not to say that you won’t get confused by OneDrive, because you well might. That means you may end up storing some files in your OneDrive folders and others in your normal Documents or My Documents folders, which can be immensely confusing. Only the files in the OneDrive folders will sync. What to do? You can simply copy over all your existing files and folders to the OneDrive folder, and at that point, you’ll have only one folder structure and everything will sync.

There’s another solution as well. Right-click the OneDrive folder and select “Include in library” and then choose the library in which you want your OneDrive to appear — for example, Documents. You can also choose to create a new library, and have it appear in that new library. From now on, when you open that library, OneDrive will appear underneath it.

Note that OneDrive and its files actually stay in its original location, and it continues to sync as always. In essence, by telling OneDrive to show up in Documents, you’ve created a shortcut to it there. Those who use Word’s markup tools for working with others will be quite pleased at some extremely useful changes to the way that you can collaborate with others on a document using Word’s markup features.

I particularly welcome a feature that lets you lock Track Changes mode, so that once you’ve put a document in that mode it can’t be taken out of it unless someone has a password that you’ve created. From that point on, only someone with that password can turn off Track Changes. There are other useful changes to commenting and tracking as well, aimed at simplifying the commenting and editing process.

One of the more confusing things about comments in previous versions of Word is that it can be extremely confusing to follow a series of related comments, because there’s no single thread to follow. Rather than seeing a history of the comments, laid out neatly, you see individual comments that don’t necessarily seem to be related to one another.

Threading in comments makes conversations easier to follow even when the commenter is talking to himself. In Word , you can reply to a comment directly inside the original comment itself. That way, it’s easy to see the thread of comments, making the conversation much easier to follow.

In addition, you can mark comments as Done. The comments will still exist, so you can revisit them if you want, but they’ll be grayed out, so that you know they no longer require attention. To make comments to comments, and to mark them as done, right-click a comment and make your selection. Finally, there’s a new view when doing revisions called Simple Markup. When you turn on Simple Markup, you’ll see a vertical line in the margin where any revisions were made, but you won’t see the revision markup.

That makes it easy to read a revised document — you know where edits have happened without having to see all the markups. To see the edits, click the line. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the Foundry Network. You can also insert pictures from Facebook and Flickr, as long as you first connect your Office account to them.

To connect to either, click the icon for the service at the bottom of the Insert Pictures screen and follow the instructions. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to browse them and insert graphics from them into your documents. No matter which way you get to the graphics, when you find one you want to insert, click it and select Insert, and the graphic is downloaded directly into your document.

Once there, you can edit it just as you would any other graphic, including using alignment guides. Similarly, when you choose to insert a video, you have a choice of searching Bing Video for a video, or searching YouTube and inserting from there. If you know the exact code for embedding a video many video sites will let you copy this code , you can use that as well.

Unlike with graphics, you won’t actually download the entire video itself. Instead, the opening screen of the video appears with a set of controls. Click the arrow to play the video and it plays from directly within Word, streaming from the Internet. Head over to the File tab, and you’ll notice a new menu item down on the left: Account. This menu lets you manage your Office subscription and account, your Windows 8 account, your OneDrive account and connections to other services, such as Facebook and Twitter.

What you can change on this screen can vary depending on how deeply your life is ingrained into the Microsoft ecosystem.

If you have Windows 8 and use a Microsoft account, the User Information over on the left lets you change your Microsoft account picture and “About me” information, and lets you switch to another account. Underneath that, you can select global settings not just for Word, but for all of Office, including a background and theme. And then underneath that, you can change any services that you’ve connected to your Microsoft account, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and OneDrive.

Only services you’ve linked to your Microsoft account will show up here. When you click the Manage button next to one of the accounts, such as Twitter, you’ll get sent to the Web in your browser, where you can see and manage what kind of information is being shared between your Microsoft account and that account.

The options you see will depend on the service. For Twitter, for example, you can remove the connection between your Microsoft and Twitter accounts; configure whether to see Twitter contacts and their tweets from Windows 8, Windows Phone and Outlook.

If you have an Office subscription, on the right side on the Account screen you’ll be able to see information about your version of Office and manage it. You’ll be sent to the Web to see all the machines on which you’ve installed Office, how many installs you have left, and so on.

You can also deactivate installations from there as well. If you use Word to create documents with pictures in them, you’ll welcome Word ‘s alignment guides. They help you precisely align photos, graphics, shapes and charts with the text in your document.

They appear when you need them — place the object where you want it to be, click the object and then click the small icon to its right. When you do that, a menu appears that lets you choose various layouts for how you want the object to work with the text — for example, you can have the text wrap around it, have the text appear above and below it, or even have the text appear in front of it.

To change the alignment again after you’ve changed it already, simply click the object again and use the alignment guides to choose the alignment you want.

In Word , that’s changed. It does its best to preserve formatting, graphics and so on. It generally does a good job, although I’ve found that graphics-heavy documents sometimes have problems. I’ve also found that sometimes Word puts odd line breaks in the middle of sentences. So if you do open a PDF to edit, check it carefully. You can edit the file as you would any other. You can then save it in any of the usual Word formats, including as a PDF.

How much of the Ribbon do you want to see as you work? Would you like it to go away? Do you want to see the tabs only? Or do you prefer the whole nine yards — tabs with commands underneath them? Word makes it easy to pick one. On the upper-right portion of the screen, click the icon of a rectangular window with an up arrow on it, and a menu drops down that lets you choose among those three views.

One new feature in Word can end up saving you a considerable amount of time. When you stop writing, editing or reading a document, a bookmark is placed in the last place you scrolled. Then, the next time you open the document, you’ll be asked if you want to go to where you left off.

If you’ve synced the document to OneDrive, when you next open the document from OneDrive or another device, you can go to that same bookmarked spot. Word gets a sharing tool that was introduced in PowerPoint but wasn’t available in Word You can now share a Word document online with anyone who has Internet access, even if they don’t use Word.

Send a link and start the presentation, and they’ll be able to see your document in their browser as you scroll through it. It’s just a presentation, though — they can’t edit or interact with the document. And once you stop the presentation, they’ll no longer be able to see the document. A screen appears with a URL that you send to others.

Click Send in Email to launch your email client with the link already in it, or else click Copy Link and then paste it into whatever method you’ll use to send the URL. Once your recipients have gone to the URL, scroll through the document, and they’ll see the document exactly as you’re seeing it.

When you want to stop the online presentation, click the “End Online Presentation” button. That ends the presentation and disconnects the viewers from it.

As in previous versions of Word, you can press the Alt key to see keyboard shortcuts for navigating the Ribbon tabs. For help finding specific commands on the Ribbon, see our Ribbon quick reference.

But there are many other keyboard shortcuts to help you accomplish a vast array of tasks in Word We’ve listed the ones we’ve found the most useful below. For even more shortcuts, see Microsoft’s Office site. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.


Microsoft word 2013 cheat sheet free.Course Help Online


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